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The CollegeHumor Podcast

After 20 years of CollegeHumor dominating web comedy, I spearheaded the brand's first-ever podcasting endeavor as manager of the Creative Strategy team. The programs, available on all major platforms, added a valuable new media type to CollegeHumor's menu of offerings.

This namesake series was designed to give fans an unfiltered look behind the curtain of their favorite channel. I designed weekly segments; selected, prepped, and directed talent; crafted games and challenges; tracked audience feedback/questions; and corresponded with equipment techs. The popularity of the show led to a set of three-hour, live-streamed spinoffs on Twitch and YouTube Live (CollegeHumor Chaos) that I also creative-produced.

The CollegeHumor Podcast: Video
Sniff Test
Uncanny Valerie
The CollegeHumor Podcast: Video
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