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See Plum Run: Digital Series

Marking the return of a franchise from CollegeHumor's golden age, See Plum Run follows Precious Plum and her Mama in a parodical Honey Boo Boo-esque misadventure to win the school presidency. I delivered joke punch-ups, notes, and story pitches on the absurdist series written by Sam Reich and Elaine Carroll. I also wrote the episode titles and descriptions that appear across all platforms:

We Back

Episode 1

"Redneck" meets "blue blood" as Plum and Mama find fancy new digs and a bookish ghost.

We Want Dessert

Episode 2

Mama looks for loopholes in Buckingham's bylaws. A tirade from Plum strikes a chord with students.

Don't Make Me Move

Episode 3

Fed up with private school pricks, Plum hatches an unorthodox (and contagious) form of protest.

The Cock Hog

Episode 4

A horny, desperate Plum lashes out at foreigners, and Mama gets an offer she can't refuse.

The Rumor Mill

Episode 5

The reality stars and the Russians zero in on Kennedy's deepest insecurity.

The Belly Button Ring

Episode 6

Rain and Jim get vindictive when the diabetic duo starts to gain in the polls.

Dirty Talk

Episode 7

After Mama's sexcapades are brought to light, Team Plum must go on full damage control.

The Kennedy Conspiracy

Episode 8

Sleuth Mama sniffs out a scheme that goes all the way to the top.


Episode 9

A mysterious informant makes it his mission to take the Miller administration down.

See Plum Run: Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the prosthetics. Insights and anecdotes from the cast and crew of See Plum Run.

See Plum Run: Video
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