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Kingpin Katie: Digital Series

Inspired by fan feedback, DROPOUT greenlit an 8-episode mid-form series parodying comedian Katie Marovitch's exploits as she goes from drug user… to abuser… to kingpin of her own empire.

As creative producer I was at the right hand of director Sammi Cohen, shaping the project's aesthetic, nailing down story, guiding casting, making real-time production recommendations for time/budget, selecting promotional clips, and writing episode titles/copy for the series release. I also directed and produced the show's BTS featurette.

Kingpin Katie: Video
Praying Mantis Woman | Kingpin Katie [Full Episode]
Katie Gets Dirty | Kingpin Katie [Full Episode]
Microcaine: A Revolutionary New Drug for Women | Kingpin Katie
Kingpin Katie: Video
Kingpin Katie: Gallery
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