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Dimension 20: Behind the Scenes

DROPOUT's runaway hit, Dimension 20 is the brainchild of dungeon master Brennan Lee Mulligan. The weekly D&D live-play show combines fantasy tabletop elements with offbeat settings, from an '80s-style high school to a miniature realm in a suburban front yard.

As had of BTS content for CH Media, I directed and produced a total of 13 featurettes for the series' various seasons, leading to increased subscriber retention and engagement. The featurettes empowered fans with insights on their favorite characters, storylines, and art.

Dimension 20: Text
How Brennan Lee Mulligan Runs a Campaign (Behind the Scenes)
How the Minis of Dimension 20 Are Made (Behind the Scenes)
The Making of Fantasy High
Fantasy High Cast Reflects on Season One
Dimension 20: Video
Dimension 20: Gallery
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